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"The public is advised that Government’s ban on the importation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), also known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones, remains in place until March 31, 2018."

Source: https://www.barbadostoday.bb/2017/09/04/ban-on-importation-of-drones-rem...

Above Barbados Note:

Before discussing this issue, it is worth clarifying that this 'ban' does not affect existing drones/licenses on the island. So while the ban does not affect local companies, such as ourselves, ability to fly and complete aerial work with existing equipment, it does affect their ability to update equipment and effectively bars any new companies from forming and joining the marketplace.

A second note before discussing our position on this is that we actively encourage anyone interested in the drone field, be it recreational or commercial, to join and sign up to the Barbados UAV Association so that we can engage the government to discuss fair, safe and sensible legislation.

So, as to this continued 'ban': As a commercial company, we will discuss the commercial implications of this. Our position is that yes, legislation needs to be in place, however, it should not be constrictive and mired in processes that hinder the industry, raising the entry bar and operational use of it to impossible heights.

For ten years there have been no helicopters in Barbados. Aerial surveying, photography, videography, security, etc. can only be accomplished by either the incredibly expensive importation of helicopters, or, the safer, cheaper alternative of consumer drones.

For two years now, no local operator has been able to update or upgrade their drone equipment due to the 'temporary' ban. Barbados has fallen far behind compared to the region. The technology in the field improves weekly if not daily. Imagine if you were a photographer and you were told that you cannot upgrade your camera? And then, to add further insult, have the ministry and BHTA actively invite and encourage foreign companies into Barbados to compete with you, with their up-to-date equipment, for the work.

Drones are an integral part of film-making, documentaries, commercials, TV shows, news, advertising and more. The majority of scene setting shots and segways between scenes are aerial shots.

Barbados has an amazingly varied amount of landscape and film opportunities within close proximity of each other, direct flights to major European and US cities, a great infrastructure, extensive existing filming facilities and superbly fast Internet - all items of great importance to visiting film crews. Barbados has the opportunity to be a leader in the region in the field, the opportunity for revenue is immense, the desire and knowledge on the island is great. It just needs to be allowed to flourish.

Above Barbados will be actively and urgently working with the Barbados UAV Association to engage with the government in the hope of a sensible, safe, workable framework for UAV operators - both private and commercial.