Services - Aerial Video

Above Everywhere are licensed & insured aerial video & photography specialists. Utilising remote-controlled quadcopters / multi-rotor UAVs / drones.

Utilising advanced remote controlled multi-rotor aircraft (sometimes referred to as drones) Above Barbados can film high-definition aerial video. We can provide video at all resolutions up to 5k in resolution, up to 200fps shot in full HQ ProRes, H264, H265 and in DLog or HLG.

Examples of our video footage can be seen in our video gallery.

The HD footage is filmed from a steadycam 'gimbal', utilising 3-axis gyroscopic stabilisation - this ensures the footage is completely stable and amazingly smooth. We can film in all lighting conditions and from all angles - the aerial platform allows from precise control with a live feed to the ground so you can see and direct exactly what is being filmed.

We offer rates per flight, per shoot, per day and per production. We can supply the footage raw, or, post-process and professionally colour grade it for you into the final product.

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