Aerial filming for Sol Rally Barbados 2016

Aerial filming for Sol Rally Barbados 2016

Aerial filming for Sol Rally Barbados 2016

Above Everywhere are licensed & insured aerial video & photography specialists. Utilising remote-controlled quadcopters / multi-rotor UAVs / drones.


Above Barbados were hired by the Barbados Rally Club for the aerial filming of the official Sol Rally Barbados 2016 videos.

Produced by the GreenlightTV studio out of the United Kingdom, Above Barbados provided various air and steadycam ground footage of the fortnight - comprising the King of the HIll event and the three days of Rally Barbados itself.

The crew at Above Barbados are perfectly suited for motorsport work - all being active drivers, navigators and route setters - intimately involved in past, current and future rally events. This ensures we know the best places to film, the running of the stages and the cars and drivers themselves personally. If you want qaulity motorsport footage, be it from the air, ground or incar - we're your team!

Filming comprised four days of shooting. Rally stages in Barbados use public roads and most public roads in Barbados are lined with telegraph poles so close, tight shots on the cars requires careful planning and careful flying. Locations were chosen to give a combination of safety, breathtraking shots and freedom to fly tight or far to get the desired shots. With the cars capable of speeds of up to 125mph shots were carefully planned in advance with regards to performance and wind assistance to ensure the longest time on target. Furthermore, in some cases specific driver/car combinations were chosen to ensure the most exciting footage was recorded.

In addition to providing on-event video coverage we also provided various stock footage for use in the B-reel aspect of the production, see if you can name the locations!

You can view the final videos on the YouTube links provided.

See our stock portfolio of video and stills on Getty and iStock

Above Everywhere are a registered, licensed and insured operator of UAV/drones in Barbados, the Caribbean region and worldwide.

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