Agency work around a mobile tower

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Perhaps every quadcopter/multi-rotor pilot's worst nightmare? - having to film a mobile tower... Well, we were hired by a local media agency to film one!

Internet-wide one of the main sources of 'fly-aways' is reported (although this is still up for debate) to be interference from mobile/cellular network towers interfering with controller transmissions and hijacking the control of the rig -  thus causing a flyaway and on most occasions a total loss of equipment. The problem has been acknowledged by the manufacturers, but not solved.

After some pre-flight research to find out the operating frequency of the tower in question and checking the status of the nearby equipment it was clear that there should be no issues. At least in theory!

Ensuring fresh batteries in the controller, a callibrated compass away from the tower, dual homelock in safe area we then proceeded to do some ground tests. Once these were complete we moved onto further tests at catch height to triple check all equipment was operating perfectly. Step by step tests to ensure 100% safety and reliability. Once assured everything was performing as expected, the filming commenced.

As we proceded, there were no dramas, even with gusty 10 knot winds.

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