BBC Caribbean Shoot

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A full day spent shooting all around Barbados with the BBC for a their Caribbean programme. A very interesting shoot not without it's challenges!

Shooting for the travel show with Simon Reeve we began the day at Port St. Charles - shooting a catermaran from a chase boat. The director, being seasoned with drone use, was able to be very specific with the shots desired and so we duly set about ensuring he received them. Flying over water has its inherent risks, flying from boat to boat increases those further. However, the first location went off without a hitch capturing some beautiful footage of Simon around the boat.

The second location was back at Port St. Charles capturing aerial footage of the catermaran docking. A simple process but with only one chance to get the take it had to be spot on!

For the next location we recommended Six Mens - the shot was of the presenter's car running along the coast of Barbados near a beach - Six Mens gives the perfect spot for this with its close proximity to the beach. 

Another shoot, another location - this time off to Cherry Tree Hill to provide a reveal shot, tracking behind the car before popping out over Cherry Tree Hill giving a big reveal of the huge expanse that is the East Coast of Barbados. A lovely clear day to be filming, a lovely shot.

Back over to the West Coast to the prestigious One Sandy Lane for the next round of video. Various reveals and pulls in and out of the multi-million dollar property - low down over the ocean rising, pulling out from the building itself over the ocean through trees and more.

For a final shoot, we went out onto Paynes Bay for some beach tracking shots of Simon the presenter walking up and down as the sun was setting to the west. A nice relaxed finish to a very full day of shooting!

A very rewarding day, always interesting to work with a director with such a clear vision of each shot, such a good understanding of the capabilities of aerial video and the angles it can provide. The BBC also not being afraid to ask for the more challenging shots to be taken to ensure breathtaking footage. Many of our shots feature in the opening credits of the show and open the Barbados episode.

The programme is now available for viewing on the BBC iPlayer - be sure to look out for the Above Barbados footage!


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