Luxury Villa Real Estate Aerial Photography

Above Everywhere are licensed & insured aerial video & photography specialists. Utilising remote-controlled quadcopters / multi-rotor UAVs / drones.


Aerial photography allows you to showcase a different aspect of your property, enabling you to accurately place the camera to show a perspective not normally available through conventional means. However, just the same as ground-based photography, it is not as simple just taking the photo - careful consideration has to be given to the lighting, time of day, shadows, composition and more. Furthermore, for maximum impact time should be spent on post-processing the photos to extract the best from them.

Above Barbados, in conjunction with Kirk Watkins Photography, offer this full service.

Recently we were asked to photograph the beautiful Ariena property on Sandy Lane Barbados. This stunning property is nestled in the middle of Sandy Lane golf course, the natural green surroundings giving an awesome backdrop to each photo. 

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Above Everywhere are a registered, licensed and insured operator of UAV/drones in Barbados, the Caribbean region and worldwide.

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