Mount Gay Rum Round Island Races for the Barbados Cruising Club

Mount Gay Rum Round Island Races for the Barbados Cruising Club

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Above Barbados were invited back by the Barbados Cruising Club to film the 2016 Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Races. After a successful time producing their 2015 Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados video we wanted to add a new dimension to the 2016 videos to compliment the existing aerial footage we would gather on the exciting sailing event

We wanted to gather as much first-person perspective action footage as possible. To this end, a fleet of GoPro Session cameras and mounts were used, in different locations, on different people and on different boats each day - culminating in over 2TB of action footage from the event!

The shooting schedule for the week was action packed as well - three full days of boat-to-boat filming (launching the aerial rig from a chase boat) of the races, along with evening entertainment/social event filming culminating in a both on water and on land filming of the final days racing round the island.

There was an added aspect to the filming with the appearance of the spectacular 'mod70s' - the amazingly fast multihull boats competing in the round the island race. Given they can get round the island in a little over 2 hours, we may only have got one chance to get footage of them as they pass.Would the drone be able to keep up with these machines as they fly past at 40knots?

After some testing we were confident speed would be no issue and on the day our aerial platform performed perfectly, gathering some of the most spectacular mod70 racing footage ever captured.

With a total of 4TB of footage from the event, we have a series of videos planned for the event which will be released throughout the year promoting the races.

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