The 2015 Barbados Mount Gay Regatta

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We were tasked by the Cruising Club of Barbados with the filming and creation of a video showcasing the action and fun of the 2015 Barbados Mount Gay Regatta.

The goal was to try and catch action from every class of boat during the racing in all locations - not an easy task. For the round the island race, given the Barbados Tourism Authority's involvement, it was important to ensure we filmed the boats at various iconic scenic locations of Barbados, highlighting the island's natural beauty. 

The remote-controlled drones allow a far greater degree of freedom of filming compared to a helicopter - ensuring you can get closer, quicker and shoot angles and areas that would just not be possible otherwise. Of course, the cost is a fraction of the expense of hiring a helicopter, operator, camera and gimbal.
Filming spanned two full days of aerial including multiple boat-to-boat flights chasing the competitors round their races, marks and even round the entire island. Finally, we incorporated various steadycam footage from the evening functions, prize-giving and extra-curricular activities of the events.
Flying over water has it's inherent risks so safety is paramount. We flew from a 'chase boat' which involved both launching and landing by hand. Another aspect of this style of filming is the coordination of the drone pilot with the boat captain to ensure the chase boat is out of shot - with a flying range of over 1km this can be relatively straight-forward, but you also need to balance this range with the safety requirement of keeping the multi-rotor aircraft within line-of-sight for the spotter (2nd operator) and the ability to quickly retrieve the aircraft should it be required.

The final result was produced entirely in-house at Above Barbados, delivering a high-definition video show-casing the prestigious event, boats, competitors and island - we hope you enjoy!

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